What We Do



We see an incredible advance in computer aided design and imagery.

But there are times when it is important to connect to an audience, when there is a need to tell a story

that helps us see and feel a connection to place.

We can accomplish this by creating images of places that convey a softness, atmosphere, a sense of warmth and lyricism.  Design sketches that convey we are in the process of creating something great,  that the input from a community can help  make it even better.

This sort of imagery works very well for workshops, public meetings, for community groups, or elected officials: for people that feel  they want to understand, and be a part of this wonderful and intriguing design process that shapes the places we live, work, shop and play.

The images are created from a minimal of design input, from a concept site plan or simple massing model showing an arrangement of the parts.  The sketches can begin to be created to help tell the story of place, and engage an audience.  They can be presented as printed or digitally projected sketches, even stories conveyed through animated film clips showing movement, change in time and sound.

Here are some samples, and please feel free to contact me if you feel this approach can be of any help, or have any questions.

Architectural & Urban Design Concepts

Illustration & Animation

Research & Stories about how Places Evolve

Children's Books and Animated Stories about the Environments in which we live