William Block is an artist and architect from California.  He illustrates in a way that captures the gentle and embracing characteristics of places.  Working with City Community Development Agencies, Architectural, Urban Design and Entertainment Companies in North America and Europe, on projects all over the world, he has tuned his appreciation and understanding for place making and the stories behind them that make them come alive.

He usually will take a site plan, create a massing model in SketchUp adding enough detail to create an architectural vocabulary and sense of place, then create character sketches, looking from above, and the view that a pedestrian might experience as they walked threw a new place.

He also uses the drawings as background scenes to create animated clips that show movement, change in time, or techniques where we can look into the buildings, creating presentations that engage the viewer.



The work on this site includes his design concepts of place, for Architecture, Cityscape and Townscape Design, Drawings of Existing Buildings and Places. There are also sequences that go back in time to show how places evolve, so we can understand the process of how our towns have grown to become what they are. He is also animating these drawings to present them in a story form with motion, sound, the change in seasons and time. His children’s projects present these same notions, to help children understand these concepts as well.

Included are samples of his concepts, from architectural, townscape design, his illustrations and some of his animated stories that are created from the drawings that he uses to describe the places he makes.  There are also examples of the animated greeting cards made from his drawings.

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