William Block & his Work

Connecting to our Towns and Communities

William Block is an architect who has worked creating visual presentations conveying a lyrical character to places we long to be.

He looks to places and the way we connect to them on an emotional level, as we do with music, art and film. Places where we feel good, where we feel like we belong.

From initial concepts of town design, to visual storytelling, his drawings and animated stories have helped connect people to places, Places full of life and energy.

His clients have ranged from city agencies, developers, urban designers to entertainment industry companies like Disney Imagineering, where he has helped to create places full of life, color and charm, and exhibit designers where he has created animated stories telling how places evolve, helping us connect to them by understanding their history.

His techniques include the development of concept plans, SketchUp massing models, character sketches and then animated stories, he provides services portraying wonderful places in a colorful, engaging and cost effective way, as he is capable of creating on his own in a consistent progression these places in ways that engage and move us.

As you think to town planners and those who create places and visual stories that connect us to our communities, consider William Block Architect.

Here are some of his concepts drawings and animated clips. If you might have any questions, feel free to contact him.